frequently asked questions

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ― Albert Einstein

Alternative Learning

There are so many institutions, what makes ours different?

The Educational Studio is an alternative learning centre, providing a warm and personlised learning experience combined with a stimulating academic focus in a comfortable and supportive environment. We offer an Alternative Learning Programme and Private Tuition for all your educational requirements. Our smaller group sizes allow for a greater focus on personlised learning. Following leading research, our studio eliminates non-essential project-based learning, reducing both child and parental angst.

What is our vision?

Our vision for an alternative learning programme has been extremely well received by parents, who appreciate the tailored learning approach to education. Alternative Learning’ does not aim to re-invent the wheel, simply to change the environment in which learning happens. Providing smaller classes and greater learner interaction results in increased engagement in learning. Our ethos and vision centres around the student and the focus is on their individual needs.

What International GCSE subjects do we offer?

We offer International GCSE learners tuition in the following subjects: English Language, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accounting, Environmental Management, History, Geogrpahy.

What curriculum do we offer?

We offer tuition for distance learners in both the CAPS and International GCSE curriculum. Learners who follow the CAPS curriculum register with IMPAQ. Learners who choose to write the International GCSE exams register as private candidates.

Are our lessons 'taught'?

Yes! We have a growing staff complement including doctors, engineers, accountants & masters graduates who provide our learners with subject specialist tuition.

When are The Educational Studio's holidays?

We follow the government published school term calendar as closely as possible. Please contact us for term dates.

Private Tuition

Do we offer tuition on a one to one basis?

Our tutors work on a one to one basis with each child in a group setting (max 2-3 students). The lessons are planned around each child’s individual requirements.

Do we offer part time tuition for homeschoolers or distant learners?

Yes, we offer tuition for all subjects and can assist with their assessments.

What subjects do we offer?

We offer tuition for all CAPs, IEB and most International GCSE subjects. If we don’t have a tutor on hand, we will find one!

How long are our lessons?

Private Tutor lessons are an hour in duration, unless a longer session is requested. Lessons are offered six days a week (seven days a week during exam time) and can continue during school holidays.

How does payment work?

Your child is allocated a weekly timeslot and you are billed per hour lesson on a monthly basis. If your child cannot attend a lesson, 24-hour notice is required. If notice is not given, you will still be charged for the missed lesson. Once off lessons can also be accommodated, however, they are dependant on tutor availability. Lesson costs are dependent on grade or level of student, please email us for costing.

Do we assist with homework?

Yes, we do – enquire about our Homework Club!