about us

The Educational Studio is an alternative learning centre, providing a warm and personlised learning experience combined with a stimulating academic focus in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Our smaller group sizes allow for a greater focus on personlised learning. Following leading research, our studio eliminates non-essential project-based learning, reducing both child and parental angst.


management staff

Chane' Padayachee_edited.jpg

Dane Peters Padayachee

CEO & Founder

"If you're going to do anything, do it with everything you have or don't do it at all!"

Dr. Joy Hartley


"Why settle for good,

when you can be brilliant!"

Chane' Padayachee

Head Administrator

"Big journeys, start with small steps"

Marina Beuken

Head of Primary Phase

"Aspire to be the teacher you would have wished for"